The Latest Addition to our Family: Nova!

June 4, 2018

I wanted to write this post because this past weekend marks Eddy and I’s one-year anniversary of living together! I remember moving in together last year and telling Eddy I really wanted a dog. I told him I missed having Toby’s company (my parent’s Rhodesian Ridgeback- forever my baby boy too).

We bantered with the idea of getting a puppy for months after that. I even remember Eddy asking me what I wanted for Christmas and I answered “a puppy.” He laughed haha.

We had such a long list of reasons to not get a dog. We had been filled with self doubt about our dog-parenting capabilities. These were some of our doubts:
  • “Our place isn’t big enough for a dog”
  • “How are we going to do it during the day when we are at work?”
  • “What are we going to do if we want to travel or go out one night?”
  • “Can we afford being dog parents?”

I mean, the list goes on! We are such worry warts looking back at it now. Well, on April 7 that all changed!

April 7th

Earlier that week, my sister texted me telling me that her friend was giving away two Jack Russell Terrier mix puppies, a brother and sister. This was the picture her friend had posted:

I got in contact with her friend and scheduled a visit to meet the pups that weekend. Eddy and I drove over to my sister’s friends house and discussed that we were just going to “look” and not make any irrational decisions. We got out of his car and walked up to the house where my sister’s friend greeted us.

She took us to her backyard where we laid eyes on our now, little Nova. At that time, she was named Julieta and her brother was Romeo. How cute is that, right? I knew the moment we laid eyes on both of the puppies that this was going to be a life-changing decision. Both of the pups were sleeping cuddled up together, they were so sweet. I remember Julieta (aka Nova) was shy to come up to us. Her brother was more outgoing. We stayed over for a bit and told my sister’s friend we were going to “think about it” and to let us know if either of them got adopted by someone else. She had a couple other people visiting the dogs that day too.

Eddy and I left empty-handed. We discussed the idea of getting a dog and still couldn’t make up our minds! We were hanging out with Eddy’s family and then my sister’s friend texted me saying that someone was going to adopt Romeo leaving Julieta (aka Nova) as the only one left. And almost instantly, we were like “we have to get her!” I texted my sister’s friend back and BOOM we went to pick Nova up and officially became dog parents.

Nova Highlights

I remember that day, Nova was so timid and shy. She came home and looked sad, probably because we took her away from her brother. We’ve already learned so much about her. We know she’s super shy in new settings, but once she gets comfortable is outgoing and loving. She loves playing and giving kisses to dogs and people.

She’s brave and strong. When we took her to get her first shots, she didn’t cry nor yelp. She used to be super scared of cars. I remember our first car rides together… She’d back away from me when I tried to pick her up and put her in the car. She refused to jump in and would cry the whole car ride. Now, she loves car rides! She’s learned how to jump up into a car and loves to hangout in between Eddy and I.

She goes through her energy spurts. There’s times when we’ll get home and Nova will be so happy to see us that she’ll howl at us. Sometimes it feels like she’s asking us why did we leave her alone for so long. Then she’ll jump up on us, give us love and kisses and then start running around the living room to our bed and then back. Once her energy dies down, she’ll lay right in between as we both pet her and shower her with love.

Getting Nova was the best decision. Eddy and I love her so much and are so happy for all the new adventures we’ll have with her. This is all to say that being a dog parent is not easy. It’s a huge responsibility and investment. Being a dog parent so far though is one of the most rewarding feelings I’ve had in a while. I can’t wait to share more stories about Nova with you guys!

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