The Comeback and What I’ve Been Up To

Happy New Year’s Ya’ll! As I mentioned in my last post, this is my comeback from a 6-month hiatus. I needed a break to regroup and focus on family and work. The time off helped me figure out what I want from this blog and helped me get my creativity back. I’m back now, with a plan and I’m ready to kick butt this year. But before that – I wanted to give you all a recap of what I’ve been up to the past six months, so here it goes!

Nova turned 1!

href=””> Right before she bit into the pupcake![/

Yes, our sweet little baby girl is growing up *insert tears*. We celebrated by taking her to her favorite spot Fiesta Island and letting her eat a doggy birthday cake from Dexter’s Deli, a local dog store in my new hood.

We Moved!

Oh yeah, guys! Eddy and I moved! We moved to a new apartment in Talmadge, nestled in right between Kensington, City Heights and the College Area. I love our new two-bedroom home. It’s a huge upgrade from our last place and it just feels so much cozier and private. I’ve finally gotten around to decorating which has been such a fun process. I’m saving this for another blog post! So stay tuned for that!

I Saw Backstreet Boys in Vegas!

Ever since I was younger, I was so obsessed with the Backstreet Boys. They seriously ruled my childhood. Nick Carter is my favorite, for those wondering 🙂 I’ve seen the Backstreet Boys twice in San Diego but when I heard about their Vegas residency, I knew I had to go. This was one of those bucket list items for me and Eddy’s cousin was down to go so we made a whole weekend out of it. It was so much fun! I loved the dancing, throwback videos and the confetti!

I Learned I am TERRIBLE at Making Sugar Cookies.

Funny story. My nana turned 70 this year and for her birthday my family decided to throw her a huge Frida Kahlo-themed party with a taquero, mariachi and 70+ guests. I helped my mom plan the party and when we were looking through Pinterest at decor ideas, I stumbled upon these adorable Frida Kahlo sugar cookies. For some ridiculous reason, I thought I’d be able to re-create them.

I planned for a month. I spent over $50 in baking supplies and cookies ingredients. I read up on the best icing recipes and YouTubed the best techniques for piping and flooding.  I even took a whole day off work to execute this huge task. Only to find myself the night before the party in my kitchen pleading Eddy for help. I filled an entire Ziploc gallon bag of my “bad” cookies and left the few “good” ones stacked in a cake box. Then I learned stacking iced sugar cookies is a huge no-no. All in all, I’d say a quarter of the cookies came out alright. Talk about a Pinterest fail or what? NEVER AGAIN.

I watched Game of Thrones again.

Who here is a GOT fan?! I finally finished rewatching the series for the second time and I am sooo ready for final season. April 14, 2019, you can’t come soon enough! If you haven’t seen GOT and you’re interested in all the fuss. Start watching now! The show has a little bit of everything…. action, love, drama, passion, fantasy and magic. Gear up because winter is coming!

So that’s what’s been up with me, how about you guys? Any fun life updates? Let me know in the comments section below!


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