Pretty in Pink

January 23, 2018

Do you have that item in your closet that you bought for one occasion and you haven’t worn it since then? I have that problem a lot. I buy something for like a wedding or a trip but then never use it. This year, I am making it a goal to re-use my clothes and find new versatile ways to wear them again.
This brings me to my Calvin Klein trench coat I bought two years ago for my New York trip. I bought it because it’s water-resistant and because it’s quintessential New York style. I mean, every New Yorker has a trench coat, right? On our trip, I used it almost every day, but when I came back to San Diego I didn’t find many occasions to wear it.

This past weekend, I found the perfect occasion to wear it! My cousin had a birthday party and the themed color was a blush pink. I found the perfect lacey pink dress from Macy’s and paired it with my trench coat. The colors went perfectly and I’m so glad I wore the coat because Saturday night was freezing. It wasn’t New York cold, but it was definitely San Diego cold like 54 degrees (haha).

Here are some pictures of my outfit and from the party:

Do you have items in your closet that you’ve worn once and haven’t worn again? If so, do you plan on wearing them again or do you donate or sell them after time? I try to re-wear my clothes but if I haven’t worn an item for over a year I sell it on Poshmark or donate it to a nonprofit or charity. If you are interested in selling on Poshmark check out my guide here.

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  • Kristin

    I am definitely guilty of buying something for an occasion and never wearing it again. I need to bring them back or give/sell them. I´m going to look into Poshmark.

    January 23, 2018 at 11:14 pm Reply
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