5 Fun Facts About Me

I thought it’d be fun to share some facts about myself so you guys could get to know me better. So here it goes, five fun facts about me!

1. I used to want to be an actress when I was 12

When I was 12, I really wanted to be an actress. I was in drama class in middle school and even participated in a couple shows at Junior Theatre. The two plays I starred in were the “Best Christmas Pageant Ever” and “Jack and the Beanstalk.” I auditioned for “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “Romeo and Juliet” but didn’t make the cut. After those two plays, I retired as an actress haha 🙂

2. I worked at The Daily Aztec, the San Diego State newspaper

After my short-lived career as an actress, I pursued a career in journalism. I joined The Daily Aztec at San Diego State as a features writer and a few months later, landed a job as a  copy editor. I loved working here so much. It was like a home away from home. I spent all my time between classes in The Daily Aztec basement reading, fact checking and copy editing articles. Looking back at it, it was an amazing experience to work on campus and to be a part of the newspaper the year it turned 100 years old. I’m so fortunate to have been a part of The Daily Aztec legacy.

3. I am a Harry Potter fanatic

I remember my mom bought me the Harry Potter books when I was in second grade. At the time, I wasn’t in to them but a couple years after when I heard the “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” movie was coming out, I began re-reading the books. There is no line that will ever get in the way of my love for Harry Potter.

For all eight of the Harry Potter movies, I attended the midnight releases with my sister and cousins. I also stood in line for the midnight releases of the last two books! A couple years ago, I was lucky enough to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood and it was seriously the BEST DAY EVER. I went to Hogsmeade and tried butter beer (a little too sweet for me) and waited over 2 hours to get on the motion-simulated ride “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.” The ride is so worth it! And I love that you get to see the inside of Hogwarts. After 18 years, I’m still over here waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter.

4. I’ve been to 20 of the California missions

When I was in fourth grade, my mom took my sister and I on a road trip all the way up to Sonoma. We drove our way back down and stopped at all of the California missions. It was a really cool experience because at the time, I was learning about the missions in fourth grade. I learned so much about the missions and California’s history on this trip.

Now, I bet you’re wondering why we only went to 20 out of 21 missions. Our last stop was in San Juan Capistrano and my mom asked us if we wanted to visit it or go home. Of course, my sister and I “wanted go to home” at the time. Looking back at it, I wish we would’ve seen this mission but it’s pretty close to San Diego so I’ll plan a day trip to go visit it sometime soon!

5. I’m a Leo and ESFJ-T personality type

These two make complete sense for me! I’m loyal, loving, warm and sensitive. I love feeling valued and appreciate and I always take care of those I care about.

Now, what’s a fun fact about you? Tell me in the comments!



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