Valentine’s Day Favorites at Target

    February 8, 2018

    How many of you go into Target with a purpose and shopping list and then walk out of there with a bunch of stuff you didn’t need? That’s me, 99 percent of the time.

    The other day I went into Target for some basic toiletries and groceries. Well guess who spent over 30 minutes obsessing over all the Valentine’s Day gifts and decor? This girl. I ended up spending more money than expected on cute Valentine’s Day decorations and gifts.

    I, then, decided to compile all my favorite products for you! So here it goes…

    1. Pink Oversize Faux Fur Heart Throw Pillow

    Courtesy of

    How cute are these pillows? It doesn’t even need to be Valentine’s Day for those to be used as decor in your house. They are perfect for your couch or your bed! Target also carries this decorative pillow in a variety of colors like pinkwhiterose gold sequin and gray.

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    2.. 10-Piece Heart Bakeware Set 

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    Target did it again with this Valentine’s Day bakeware set. I love how the baking pans are heart-shaped and how you get icing decorating tools and an icing spatula. 

    3. Mustache & Lips Stoneware Mugs

    , Courtesy of

    Unknown fact about me: I’m a low-key mug hoarder. I love mugs because 1) I’m a coffee and tea lover 2) I find the many types of designs and shapes of mugs fascinating 3) I just feel like they say so much about you and your life. I, evnen have a Pinterest board of all my favorite mugs. Follow it here. So obviously I want to add these his and her mugs to my collection.

    4. Heart Throw Blanket in Pink

    Courtesy of

    I feel like you can never have enough blankets. You can switch blankets out seasonally or just have them stored for when it’s cold. It doesn’t even need to be Valentine’s Day for this throw to be used in your home.

    5. Heart-Shaped Ceramic Jewelry Box

    Courtesy of

    I find this jewelry box so dainty and feminine so I had to add it to the list. I love the blush color and gold outlined detail. I would buy this for myself or give it to my sister or close girlfriend.

    6.  Mixed Rose Wreath

    Courtesy of

    Because a girl can never have too many roses, Target had to come up with a beautiful rose wreath. This is precious to hang on a door or it would even look nice a table centerpiece with a candle on the inside. I still can’t get over how beautiful this wreath is.

    7.  XOXO Wine Decanter

    Why should you decant wine? Well for those who don’t know – I didn’t know until I researched this – decanting wine is pouring the alcohol content from the wine bottle to another container. This helps separate it from sediments in the wine bottle and allows the wine to aerate. Isn’t this Target decanter cute?

    8. 5ct Valentine Love Letter Wine Decanter Set

    Courtesy of

    Decanters are always nice especially if they come with a set of glasses. I love how “Love” is spelled out with Scrabble letters on these stemless wine glasses. Another unknown face about me: Scrabble is one of my favorite board games.

    9. Women’s Tee “Dear Wine, Be My Valentine”

    Courtesy of

    This tee is perfect for wine lovers. Me, obvi. This tee would look super cute paired with some statement jeans and heels. Mayb e a cute heart-shaped bag too?

    10. Women’s Tee “Tacos Are My Valentine”

    Courtesy of

    This tee is perfect for Taco lovers! Love how the shirt stands out and this pink shade is super cute. Perfect for spring time!

    So who’s ready for a quick trip to Target? Haha! Hope you all have a great Day of Love, whether that means you’re with your love, friends or by yourself (#SelfLove counts on V-Day too!). If you need help finding a gift for your love this year, check out this helpful Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for him, her and your favorite gal pal.

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