Seattle Travel Guide

    February 25, 2018

    Eddy and I took a trip to Seattle last week for the long President’s Day weekend. We both had never been and we LOVED it (even though we froze our butts off).  I decided to share our itinerary with you guys in case you ever visit!


    1. Biscuit Bitch

    Biscuits and gravy, baby! This is the perfect stop for breakfast especially if you are headed to Pike’s Place Market. There’s a location a block up from there. I would just note that this location is small and has no seating. The line to order at the counter may be long and out the door, but we were pleasantly surprised with how fast the line moved. I ordered the Bitchwitch, a biscuit sandwich with gravy, cheese and bacon. Eddy ordered the Cheesy Pork N’Bitch, a biscuit layered with gravy and cheddar cheese with bacon sprinkles.  Yaaas bitch! If you are looking for a less-crowded spot, check out their other locations in Belltown or Pioneer Square. These locations do have seating.

    2. Sweet Iron

    A super stylish spot for some waffles and coffee (or mimosas, if you’re brunching). I ordered the turkey breast, raspberry jam and havarti cheese waffle. It tasted like something you’d make with Thanksgiving leftovers lol. It was tasty but next time, I would order a sweet waffle. Eddy ordered the bacon and maple syrup waffle and it was so goood. He said it was too sweet but I enjoyed the couple bites I stole from his plate 🙂

    3. Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya

    We decided to stop here for a warm dinner on our trip. It perfectly hit the spot and we would definitely come back. I loved that they had a low-sodium broth option. Ramen normally makes me super full so I opted for the low-sodium broth. It was super tasty and not as thick as other ramen broths. The best part was that I wasn’t super full after. This place made miso happy and warm!

    4. Seattle Coffee Works

    A super chill cafe with yummy coffee. We stopped after visiting Pike’s Place Market. I got a regular drip coffee with almond milk and it was the perfect burst of energy I needed that morning. I loved the laid back vibe and it was perfect for people watching since it’s in the heart of downtown and a couple blocks from Pike’s Place.

    Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” video screenshot from

    See?! Same background!

    5. Unicorn/Narwhal

    So apparently this is where part of Mackelmore’s “Thrift Shop” video was shot. It’s a whimsical carnival-themed bar on Pike Street. This place was truly magical because of its underground arcade called Narwhal and its specialty cocktails. Eddy and I ordered the Montezuma Snapper (essentially a Mexican paloma), but we saw many people ordering Unicorn Jizz, Jell-O shots and Capri Suns. Next time we visit, we’ll try something more adventurous.

    This bar is perfect to go with a group of friends and celebrate a birthday. If it’s your birthday be sure to ask the bartender downstairs to let you wear the unicorn hat. Yes. You heard me. UNICORN HAT. It’s a sparkly unicorn horn made of rhinestones and a bike helmet. People at the bar were going crazy over it. I definitely want to come back. I also saw that they host a drag show mimosa brunch on Sundays, so that’s definitely worth checking out too.

    6. The Saint

    You can’t miss this pink building. It was really close to our Airbnb so we decided to stop by one night. We found out it’s a Mexican cocktail bar that recently reopened. When we walked in there was a DJ mixing some jams. I ordered wine and Eddy got a drink with tequila, cucumber and lime. His drink was super refreshing! We only stayed for a little but it looked like it got pretty hoppin’ at night.

    7. Elysian Brewing

    The home of Space Dust IPA. This spot is for beer lovers! We ordered some drinks here and then walked up Pike Street. We liked sitting here by the window and people watching. They sell wine here too, in case you’re like me and prefer wine.

    8. Piroshky Piroshky

    Our Starbucks barista recommended we tried these out. She said they were like “Russian hot pockets.” Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try them but would love to try them on our next visit. The line was crazy long when we walked by.

    Things to Do

    1. Pike’s Place Market

    If it’s your first time in Seattle, this is a must. It’s like the Fisherman’s Wharf of Washington. I didn’t really know what to expect but it felt like being at a farmer’s market.  I was surprised with how many levels of shops there were. You could seriously buy almost anything here…. flowers, food, fish, groceries, souvenirs and etc. There was even a cool comic store!  You have to go here for the experience and it’s the perfect spot to buy a souvenir. Also, don’t forget to go to the Gum Wall! Eddy and I forgot to visit it this time.

    2. Starbucks Reserve

    This was my favorite spot. It’s the one Starbucks that tops all the others. Inside, they show you the process of how they roast the beans. They have a super sophisticated menu with stuff you can’t order at any other Starbucks location. We watched many cool methods of coffee brewing like siphon (apparently the oldest), drip, french press and clover. Siphon was the coolest to watch running at $16 a cup. I highly recommend buying a cup or sitting near someone that’s already paid for the siphon. This way you can get a free show. The presentation is the best part! They even had an alcohol bar, something I’ve never seen at a Starbucks. This was one of my favorite touristy things to do in Seattle. The baristas here are super nice too! Eddy’s recommendation: Try the cafe afogado (ice cream and espresso). Bomb dot com.

    3. Chihuly Museum

    Ever seen the glass art in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas? Well that was made by Mr. Dale Chihuly from Tacoma, Washington. In Seattle, there’s a whole museum of his art! It’s amazing to see how these detailed glass pieces are put together and to see how he’s used the blowing glass method. The pieces are absolutely stunning and this is a perfect thing to do for any architecture and art lover.

    4. Amazon Go

    Omg guys, this was so cool. It’s the store of the future. It’s the first store in the world with Just Walk Out Technology. Customers can enter the store and walk out with their goods while their card gets charged through the Amazon Go app. I’m planning on writing a more in-depth post about it to share the full experience. But if you’re in Seattle check it out. It’s located right next to the Amazon headquarters and the Amazon Spheres, an urban botanical garden. You can enter the museum level of the Spheres for free and there are guided tours. Check this article out for all the details to get the private tour.

    5. Fremont Troll

    You can’t forget to say hi to the troll while you’re in Seattle! The troll is a landmark and has been featured in films like The Twilight Zone and Sleepless in Seattle. It was built in the ’90s when the neighborhood was trying to build an art culture. Eddy and I stopped by to check out the troll and were super cold so we snapped a quick selfie and went to find warmth.

    6. Vintage Mall

    Where are all my thrift shoppers?! Do not let the storefront fool you. It looks small from the outside but it’s actually one of the biggest vintage stores I’ve seen. You walk down the stairs to the lower level and there are about five rooms of vintage galore. I ended up buying a dress, sweater and button-up shirt. There were so many unique items and clothing pieces. I highly recommend checking this spot out before visiting the Fremont Troll. It’s about a 7-10 minute walk from here to the troll.

    7. Ophelia’s Books

    This is the spot for book lovers! It’s a charming little used bookstore right across the street from the Vintage Mall. It’s spiral staircase leading you to the downstairs library is adorable as well as the cats that live on top of the bookshelves. Definitely stop by to check out some books!

    Overall, we loved Seattle. Everyone was super friendly that we talked to and we really digged the vibe. I really liked how walkable the city was. We only used Uber on the last day of our visit because we were tired, but for three days we walked everywhere. There are also a ton of Lime Bikes everywhere that you can use by downloading the app and unlocking the bike.

    We will totally be coming back again. If you’re planning a trip, feel free to email or DM me on Instagram for any tips! I’m happy to help and share the Airbnb we stayed at on Capitol Hill.

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